Plisse Insect Screen With Bottom Rail

Plisse Insect Screen with bottom rail is designed to offer silent function with durability for long term and often usage.

The basic advantages of that model is the wide bottom roller with rubber that helps the smooth sliding of the system and avoid the friction of the wire with the plastic accessories. The low height bottom rail of 10mm provide easy access to every user of the insect screen.

The high quality mesh of 20mm produced from high quality materials is tested and produced in order to hold and be durable in extreme weather conditions and variations of temperature makes it one of the best mesh fabrics in the international market.
The holding of the insect screen over the wall is made with special plastic clips that the placed over the wall and the aluminium profiles clips over it. The continuous magnet profile provide better closure and the plastic cap at the wall opposite profile provides aesthetic looking by covering the wire tension regulators.

At the upper guide we provide a PVC plate of 29mm width that cover the mesh on the top side while the insect screen is close and avoid the entrance of the insects from the outside to the inside of the house.

The total width of the system is 32,2mm and provide it in ready-made and in KIT as well as in materials.