PM 330K

Gate Automation System

- PM 330: maximum weight / length pre gate leaf 350Kg / 4,0m
- 24V DC electro - mechanical gear motors for residential use
- Worm gear provides durability and silence in motor operation
- Hall sensor embedded in the gear motor for accurate positioning
- Slowdown during the ends of opening and closing phases
- Single-gate or dual-gate installation is optional
- Stroke length: 356mm with mechanical stopper, 400mm without mechanical stopper- Working Force Adjustment
- Working speed adjustment
- Automatic Closure
- Connection of 2 pair of photocells
- Mechanical Stoppers at opening and closure
- Obstacle Detection
- Pedestrian opening mode
- Battery Connection

Rated Voltage 24 V DC
Weight 6,25 Kg
α Worm Gear
Nominal Thrust 3000 N
Maximun Gate Weight 350 Kg/leaf
Maximum Gate Length 4,0 m/leaf
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Dimensions 844x115x106 (mm)
Peak Thrust 3500 N

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